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    Im an xbox player who plays games like halo 3,CoD 4,Mw2. Ive always loved sniping but got hated for it because i hardscoped. I dont care ill mix it togeather but im that good at quickscoping. Im an expertice in rushing, Capture the flah(only on mw2) and things like that. I play legitimately and fair. I dont abuse things like gernade launchers. Im one of the younger gamers but, Ive played games since i was little super mario on the super nintendo was all i had till 2001. I was then introduced to runescape. Now dont hate alot of people played its a fun game but it doesnt last forever. I played till 2007 Where i played Counter Strike: Source. And no im not asian. I still play today although not as much. Then Halo 3 came along when i got an xbox for chrismas. I got pretty good... fast. And then my brother showed me a game called Call of Duty 4. Thats when i started sniping. I wouldnt even use a assault rifle i thought rifles were for pussies i would always get a game running around with my trusty M40A3 and my Golden Desert Eagle. But everyone learned how to play CoD4 and so i used an ak47 silenced. I think thats the very first rifle class i used ak47 silenced. And then MW2 came out and now im waiting for halo reach and black ops and yeah i forgot the part where i say.. Then CoD5 showed up XD. But anyway ive been playing games for a while.
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    Re: Hello!

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    that was alot to read faint haha ..

    but welcome

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    Re: Hello!

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