Capture the Flag Teamates on MW2?


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    Capture the Flag Teamates on MW2?

    Post by sargent_skittle on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:33 am

    Will anyone play with me and make a group for CTF online on the 360. Randoms on that game are terrible they dont know how to play. Most people just kill or use marathon and lightweight and go for the flag but thats not how you play. And you need certain people to play.

    You need 2 defenders to defend the flag. They would use either assault or smg maybe a sniper.

    You need 1 checker checking the flank points just in case someone flanks

    You need 2 Flag Runner who runs the flag/defend the flag runner/distract enemy team thinking "Forget the flag kill the guy in our base!" (this is my part)

    And 1 attacker who will just attack anyone he sees.

    So if i can find people that can meet those requirements then play with me see how you do.
    In CTF i mainly get all the kills and flags because everyone either attacks or trys getting the flag with marathon + lightweight.

    I only use marathon i only use a sniper + shotgun. Although i need to level up before i play ctf so i can use class i like to use in ctf so if you wanna be on my team comment below your Gamertag!

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